Septic Inspections When Buying or Selling a Home

It is estimated that a modern septic system can be expected to work for 25 years at most. Fortunately, septic systems are usually able to last for even longer if you schedule periodic inspections and repairs as needed.

Find out what a septic systems inspection is, and why it’s so important if you’re buying or selling a home with a septic system.   

Septic Inspection: What Is it?

More than one in five U.S. households have their own septic system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Water from your toilets, showers, sinks, and washing machines is disposed of through these systems.

The septic system is designed to endure for a long time, but problems can arise if some of the pipes are blocked or the drain field is clogged. Septic tanks are often overlooked by home maintenance and repair specialists despite their health implications. 

After making an offer on a property, homebuyers often have a third-party, pre-sale inspector check the septic system. Basically, a septic inspection is a formal assessment of the septic system of your home. Licensed septic inspection companies are the only ones who can inspect your septic system properly. 

A septic inspector will review your site in-depth and provide you with a written report that details the current status of your septic system, any leaks around the site, and a predicted life expectancy.

What Is The Recommended Frequency Of Septic Tank Inspections?

Having your septic system inspected every five years will provide you with the best chance of detecting any problems early. If your septic tank and drain field need to be pumped during this same interval, contact a pumping service. However, if you’re buying a home you may want to arrange a septic system inspection before you commit to a purchase. 

Who Is Responsible For Paying For The Septic Tank Inspection?

Septic inspections are also the responsibility of the buyer, just like building and pest inspections. Prices for septic inspections by a licensed septic technician will be dependent on your location and inspection level.  

Why Is It Important To Arrange An Inspection When Buying A Home

A septic system inspection represents a way of giving buyers (and homeowners) a sense of how well a septic system is performing. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. It is possible to identify problems with septic systems early on in their lifecycle and prevent them from becoming major problems. 

It is best to schedule your septic inspection at the same time as the general inspection of the property so that you will be aware of any plumbing or septic system issues prior to closing. Optimum scheduling can help you reduce the chance of issues related to inspections delaying closing negotiations if they are scheduled closely together.

If you’re buying a home make sure you arrange a septic inspection so you are able to protect yourself and your hard-earned money. Make sure you use a qualified septic inspection company such as Stormbeck Bros today.

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